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FIFA 23 Trophy List: PlayStation and Xbox One

FIFA 23 is the latest video game in the series based on the globally popular sport. Here is the trophy list for PlayStation and Xbox One.

Valkyrie Elysium Trophy Guide

Valkyrie Elysium is Square Enix’s latest action role-playing game, players can earn several trophies by exploring Midgard.

Metal: Hellsinger Trophy Guide

Metal: Hellsinger is the newly released game developed by The Outsiders, a studio created by Battlefield veterans.

Steelrising Achievements and Secret Trophies

Steelrising has a number of trophies, some of which are hidden and must be unlocked. Some trophies require extensive grinding.

Jojo’s Bizarre: Adventure All-Star Battle R Trophy List

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R is a PS3 remake featuring new awards and accomplishments. Here is the complete trophy list!

NBA 2K23 Trophy List and Achievements

There are 51 NBA 2K23 Achievements that you must acquire during the game, and it may take some time to do so.

Saints Row 2022 Platinum Guide

To 100% Saints Row 2022, you must explore every corner and crevice. This article explains how to get every Saints Row 2022 Reboot trophy.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Trophy Overview

To get 100% or “Master of Dreamlight” in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must acquire all trophies and accomplishments.

The Last of Us Part 1: Complete Trophy Overview

Want to become the master of Last of Us Part 1 and collect all Trophies? See the complete Trophy List here at Games Guides!

F1 22 Trophy & Achievements Guide

All Formula 1 2022 Trophies and Achievements in Guide – All Conditions, Tracks and Tactics for 100% Platinum

Sniper Elite 5 Trophy Guide & Roadmap

Need help with a Sniper Elite 5 task? We have all the trophies, achievements and collectibles for you!

MotoGP 22 Trophy Guide – Tips and Tactics

In our Motogp 22 guide we show you all Playstation trophies and Xbox achievements, including all conditions, general tips and good tactics

MLB The Show 22 Trophy Guide and Tips

We have all the trophies and achievements for the Baseball SIMULATION – MLB 22 Trophy progress 100% with all solutions and tips

Dying Light 2: All Metro Station Locations – Get more Inhibitors

Looking for more Inhibitors in Dying Light 2? Then you should track down all Metro Stations, activate all switches and grab the Inhibitors!

Dying Light 2: All GRE Anomalies Locations – Get more Inhibitors

Looking for more Inhibitors in Dying Light 2? Then you should track down all GRE anomalies, defeat the boss and grab the Inhibitors!

Dying Light 2 Trophy and Achievement Guide – 100% Collectibles

All PS5 Trophies for Dying Light 2 Stay Human – All Quests, Conditions and Blueprint Locations!