Disney Dreamlight Valley: Critters Guide

Dreamlight Valley Critters

Disney Dreamlight Valley has several Disney and Pixar characters, but many more animals desire your attention—or food.

Feeding biome animals rewards cosmetics and Dream Shards. Each animal has a different manner of sitting still and a better-rewarding diet.

How to approach each critter and what to feed them


The Plaza is home to squirrels. When they’re hungry, these little critters will often just rush up to you and wait for you to feed them, unlike other species in later biomes.

Favorite Food: Peanuts


The Peaceful Meadow is home to rabbits. When they are interested in food, they will run away from you and bounce up and down. If you follow them, you’ll observe that they run away and do it again. Continue to follow them and let them bounce three times before allowing you to feed them on the fourth stop.

Favorite Food: Carrots

Sea Turtles

Dazzle Beach is home to sea turtles. If they’re hungry, you can approach them, but they’ll retreat within their shell. Simply stand there for a few seconds till they come back out and enable you to feed them.

Favorite Food: Seaweed


There are raccoons in the Forest of Valor. These creatures are swift and difficult to follow, but when they’re hungry, they’ll stop still and stare at you from a distance. This is your moment to approach them cautiously and discreetly, only advancing when they appear relaxed. If their head is up and they are warily glancing around, they will run away from you again. Eventually, you will be close enough to receive the suggestion to feed the pests.

Favorite Food: Blueberries


In the Glade of Trust, you can find crocodiles. They move around a lot, but like raccoons, when they’re hungry they’ll stop and watch you from a distance. When they stop moving and look around carefully, that’s your cue to move. Move slowly toward them when they have their heads down, and stop when they start to look around again. They will eventually collapse to the ground and await food.

Favorite Food: Lobster


Sunlit Plateau is where you can find sunbirds. They move quickly around the area, but you don’t need to do anything special to get close to them as long as you can keep up with them.

Favorite Food: Every type of sunbird with a different color has a different favorite food.

Emerald Sunbird – Green Passion Lily
Golden Sunbird – Sunflower
Orchid Sunbird – Pink Bromeliad
Red Sunbird – Red Bromeliad
Turquoise Sunbird – Pink Houseleek


Frosted Heights is where you can find foxes. When they’re hungry, they’re friendly and will run up to you and bark to get you to follow them. If you follow them wherever they go for long enough, they will eventually let you feed them.

Favorite Food: White Sturgeon


At this time, the only animals in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley about whom we know very little are the ravens. It’s so early that we haven’t even seen them have babies. This means that we are currently unfamiliar with their eating habits and snack preferences. We’ll update this guide as soon as we find out!

Favorite Food: Still Unknown

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