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Fortbyte 21: Metal llama building Location Guide – Fortnite July 16

Find the metal llama building to collect Fortbyte 21. We’ll show you the exact location in Fortnite on July 16th.

Fortbyte 29 Location: Underneath the tree in Crackshot’s Cabin

Find the Crackshot’s Cabin to collect Fortbyte 29. We’ll show you the exact location in Fortnite on July 15th.

Fishing Planet: Achievements List – Xbox One Guides

Fishing Planet – All Xbox One achievements in the overview, including tips and guides

Fortbyte 27 Location: Found somewhere within map location A4

Fortnite – Find Fortbyte 27 at Map Position A4 – We’ll show you the exact location on July 14th

Fortnite: All Fortbyte Locations at a glance!

Find all 100th Fortbytes in Fortnite – we’ll show you all the locations and all the helmets for the Singularity Skin

Fortbyte 33 Location: find the byte within Loading Screen #10

Loading Screen 10 – Fortnite Fortbyte 33 on July 14, no extra star in Week 10, we’ll show you the exact location of the byte

Fortbyte 94 Location: Blue Canoe under a Frozen Lake – Fortnite

Accessible after smashing a blue canoe under a frozen lake with the scarlet sickle pickaxe – we’ll show you the exact location

Fortbyte 23 between an RV campsite and monstrous footprint Location

Find Fortbyte 23 in Fortnite – we’ll show you the place you’re looking for between a campsite, a petrol station and a huge footprint

Destiny 2 Xur Today – Location and Offer on July 12

Where does Xur stand? Why can not I find Xur in Destiny 2? We’ll show you where he opens his black market today.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Achievements List & Guides

We show you all the successes to Harry Potter Wizards Unite – solutions, tips and collectibles

Bouncy Bullets PS4 Trophies List

We have all the PS4 trophies for Bouncy Bullets in our guide for you, with tips and tactics

Fortnite: All Public Service Announcement Signs Locations – Week 10

Fortnite Week 10 Challenge – Finds all signs with public announcements. We have all localities.

Fortbyte 28: Solve the Pattern Match Puzzle – Fortnite Guide

Solve the puzzle at the Desert Scrapyard to collect Fortbyte 28. We have the solution to this Fortnite puzzle.

Fortnite: All Singularity Helmet Locations Guide

Find all singularity helmets in Fortnite – Utopia Skin guide and localities

Black Ops 4: Alpha Omega Trophies List and Tips

Black Ops 4 Alpha Omega Trophies Guide and Tips – All about the new zombie episode

Destiny 2: Bad Juju Location Guide – Tribute Hall Quest Steps

Bad Juju Weapons Location in Destiny 2 – We’ll show you all the quest steps