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FIFA 23 moments is a new way to play FIFA Ultimate Team and earn Stars, which can be used to buy things in the game.

This new mode is great for both new and old fans because it makes it easier to get players without having to spend a lot of money on FIFA Points. With the latest and last version of the game, some new features have been added. Among these games is FIFA Ultimate Team. If you don’t know what FUT is, you can think of it as a card trading game. You can get players by opening packs, trading them, or buying them on the Transfer Market. The goal is to get the best players on the best team. Then, you can take that team online or play single player to earn Coins and become the best in the World.

Moments Mode

Fifa 23 Moments Mode

Challenges in Moments Mode earn Stars. Stars can unlock Packs and Players in the Stars Gallery. FUT’s Season Progress is different from this. Some tasks, like the Pitch Perfect one, are easier and designed to teach you the game. This Challenge Tile covers game foundations and effective attacks. This simplifies onboarding for new players. Unlike Squad Builder tasks and Regular Objectives, it rewards Stars instead of XP and Packs.

Road To The Knockouts, presently live, is harder to finish. This challenge has similar goals. You must help players and such. Playing the difficulties requires more. The first challenge requires two Premier League players, which is easy. The following challenge demands a 1A Pro League player, which you may not have, and the last challenge requires Liga Portugal players.

They get harder, therefore you may need to buy or wait till you locate these players. One Star each challenge and an extra Star for finishing all three challenges gives you four Stars. You can earn more by completing more challenges. You can earn up to eight Stars by completing harder Challenges and tiles with more to do.

Stars Gallery

Fifa 23 Stars Gallery

The Stars Gallery unlocks player, regular, and seasonal packs. Stars Gallery has two possibilities. Browse displays two Gold Packs you can unlock several times. The Golf Pack is 12 Stars, while the Premium Gold Pack is 16 Stars. The Seasonal Stars Gallery lets you unlock Contract Packs, Ted Lasso Packs, and more Rare Player Packs.

Seasonal and Browse packs have limited unlocks. Others can be unlocked twice or three times. You can see how many are remaining above the Season timer. To see how long you have to unlock everything, this should reset with the following season.

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