Anthem: Tomb of the Legionnaires Challenges Guide

In Anthem you will be given the quest “Tombs of the Legionnaires” at level 10, this will give some players a headache. You have to open and close 4 graves. In this guide we explain everything to you!

To open the graves you have to complete some challenges. You can look at them (If you have accepted the quest) in the menu under Challenges and under the item “Free Game”.

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Tomb Quest – open the 4 Tombs

Now we show you all 4 Tombs, their tasks and inputs. So a guide to the following graves:


Open Tomb of Yvenia

To open the Tomb of Yvenia you have to do the following tasks:

  • Open 15 treasure chests: ONLY the chests you open yourself count! You can find treasure chests all over the open world.
  • Collect 25 Harvests
  • Repair 3 Javelins
  • Find 10 Collectibles: These are books, documents, characters, and other lore items.


In the following two videos we show you where you can find the entrance to the tomb of Yvenia and where to look for the collectibles.

Yvenia Entrance, the tomb is located just northwest of Fort Tarsis.


Yvenia Collectibles


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