Apex Legends – The best and strongest weapons

In the new Titanfall shooter Apex Legends, we are in the fight for survival with Assault Rifles, Shotguns and many other Weapons. In our weapons guide, you will learn what to do the most damage and the most deadly hits.

In Apex Legends we have to equip ourselves completely new in each, it’s all about finding as fast as possible the strongest possible weapons.

Apex Legends currently has 19 weapons from six classes at its disposal: assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles, LMGs and SMGs. And which of these are the best shooting guns, we’ll tell you in this weapon guide.

Now we show you the strongest weapon for each type of weapon. In addition, there are lists of all available weapons of the respective category

Apex Legends – Weapons Guide

Assault Rifles – The best Assault Rifle of Apex Legends

We can fight for survival with three different rifles, but the strongest of all assault rifles is: VK-47 Flatline

This fully automatic rifle has good accuracy and firing stability, and most importantly, it has the highest damage on head hits of all Assault Rifles. So if you’re a skilled shooter, you can use the Flatline directly to target the weak point of your opponents and decide each duel for you.

Now you know the strongest assault rifle, followed by a list of all available assault rifles

Weapon Ammo Type Fire Rate Type Mag Size Body Headshot Availability
M600 Spitfire (LMG) Heavy Auto 35 20 40 Standard
Hemlok Burst AR Heavy Burst / Single 18 18 36 Standard
Devotion (LMG) Heavy Auto 44 17 34 Standard
VK-47 Flatline Heavy Auto / Single 20 16 32 Standard
R-301 Light Auto / Single 18 14 28 Standard


Sniper Rifles – The best Sniper Rifle from Apex Legends

As the only weapon class in the game, the Sniper Rifles offer four different models, but the strongest sniper rifles are: Kraber .50-Cal

This legendary repeating rifle you can find only in drop boxes, so not very often in the game world. For the Kraber provides for both the second and the second damage in the body both head and head hits (only the Mastiff shotgun pops even more), so that their opponent can shoot incapacitating with a single hit. However, you can not choose for yourself which essays you would like to put on Kraber.

Weapon Ammo Type Fire Rate Type Mag Size Body Headshot Availability
Kraber .50-Cal Special Bolt-action 4 125 250 Supply Pods
Triple Take Energy Single 5 69 138 Standard
Longbow DMR Heavy Single 5 55 110 Standard
G7 Scout Light Single 10 30 60 Standard


Shotguns – The best Shotgun from Apex Legends

Among the three shotguns from Apex Legends, there is a clear favorite: Mastiff

Just like the Kraber .50-Cal, the Mastiff is a drop weapon, so it’s super rare. But this article is not about the most common, but about the best weapons from Apex and there is the Mastiff at the top. Because at short range there is nothing more powerful, she shares both head and body hits as much damage as no other weapon in the game. In return for its extreme power, it does have a heavy recoil and can not be equipped with any other attachments, but even out of the hip-fire, nearly every hit with the Mastiff is deadly.

Weapon Ammo Type Fire Rate Type Mag Size Body Headshot Availability
Mastiff Special Single 4 144 288 Supply Pods
Peacekeeper Shotgun Pump-action 6 110 165 Standard
EVA-8 Auto Shotgun Auto 8 63 90 Standard


Pistols – The best Pistol in Apex Legends

There are a total of three handguns (4 if you count the Mozambique) in the game, the best and strongest gun is: Wingman

The Wingman is very powerful and provides high damage at short range. The Wingman also does extreme damage to headshotss. This pistol has six bullets and that’s enough to quickly shut down your opponents. It is also the only heavy ammo pistol.

Weapon Ammo Type Fire Rate Type Mag Size Body Headshot Availability
Wingman Heavy Single 6 45 90 Standard
Mozambique Shotgun Single 3 45 66 Standard
P2020 Light Single 10 12 18 Standard
RE-45 Auto Light Auto 15 11 16 Standard


This guide is not finished yet, we are working hard on it, stay tuned!

Written by: Carizma

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