Ashen – Achievements List & Tips

In the action Role-Playing game Ashen you can unlock a total of 31 achievements on Steam. In this guide we show you all the achievements and their conditions.

Below you will find all the Achievements, all collectibles and solutions related to the Achievements!

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Achievements List Ashen

Estimated time for 100%:
Achievements: 31
Missable Achievements:
Minimum Playthroughs


  • Vagrant’s Rest
    Claim Vagrant’s Rest.

  • Ukkoto
    Defeat the Elder Dark Ukkoto.

  • Amiren
    Defeat the Listener Matriarch.

  • Diasora
    Free the Diasora pup.

  • Shadow of the Ashen
    Defeat the Shadow of the Ashen.

  • Sissna
    Defeat the Elder Dark Sissna.

  • New Lathyrus
    Construct all houses in Vagrant’s Rest.

  • Fancy
    Unlock all townsfolk outfits.

  • Crafter
    Unlock all crafting specialities.

  • Brute Island
    Defeat the brute near Vagrant’s Rest.

  • Squork
    Hunt a squork.

  • Trapper
    Hunt a rafet.

    A Rafet can be found at Vagrant’s Rest.

  • Hunter
    Hunt a deer.

  • Big Game
    Hunt a Roamar.

  • Contemplation
    Discover the secret of Contemplation.

    This achievement is easy to miss! Here we show you the hidden place to find the secret of Contemplation.

  • Placebo
    Complete Vorsa’s journey.

  • Best Served Cold
    Complete Eila’s journey.

  • Heritage
    Complete Jokell’s journey.

  • Flesh Wound
    Complete Flokir’s journey.

  • Fleeing the Nest
    Meet Kol the wildman.

  • House Warming
    Hunt the corb near Vagrant’s Rest.

  • Whispers Folk
    Take a ride in Eila’s barrel.

  • Blind Fashion
    Acquire all lanterns.

  • Leap of Faith
    Leap into the dark portal.

  • Lathyrus’ Last Stand
    Untangle Sissna’s weave at the Palace of Lathyrus.

  • Double Trouble
    Defeat Touma and Souma.

  • Twin Hearts of Lathyrus
    Reunite the Listener and Human hearts.

  • Malik’s Curse
    Wear the Umbral Veil.

  • Shadow Walker
    Travel the shadow pathways.

  • Threads of Light
    Wear each relic once.

  • Children of Sissna
    Defeat Sissna in the Children of Sissna mode.

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