Biomutant: Psionic Shrines Locations – Kneel Altars Trophy

Having trouble finding all of the Psionic Shrines in Biomutant?? We don’t think it really needs a manual, but we still help with the following trophy

  • Kneel
    Discover all 30 Altars


How to find all Altars – Psionic Shrines

At the beginning of the game you spend a lot of time conquering outposts to take over the respective tribe. In every outpost you will find one of the Psionic Shrines you are looking for!

Most of the time you can find the shrine in the area where traders can be found. It doesn’t really look like a shrine, more like an Indian tent.

But an altar is not only found in outposts, you can also find them in other places. Since they are very common, we believe that all players will automatically unlock this trophy.

For those who are still missing a few altars, here is a video with all 30.


Written by: Carizma

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