Borderlands 3 Gold Toilet Locations Guide – Revenge of the Cartels

The new Revenge of the Cartels event in Borderlands 3 also unlocked 18 new challenges. One of these challenges requires you to find three golden toilets – we want to show you these locations in this guide.


Borderlands 3 Gold Toilet Locations

When you find one of the golden toilets, you have to interact with it to use and then flush them up. Now we are going to show you a video of the three localities, including the textual guide.


1# Golden Toilet
After you’ve gotten your hands on the fountain headpiece, on the second floor of the building.


2# Golden Toilet
When you are at the first toilet, go to the Master Bedroom. Before you can go to the master bedroom, you have to take care of everyone else until the underboss comes out of the elevator.


3# Golden Toilet
You will find the final golden toilet in the Old Grape Storage, Gardens of Hedonia.

Written by: Carizma

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