Dead or Alive 6: Xbox One Achievements Guide

In the Xbox One Fighting Game DEAD OR ALIVE 6 you can unlock a total of 36 achievements, with a total of 1,000 Game Score. In this Achievement Guide we show you all the achievements and their tasks.

Below you will find all the achievements, as well as tips, solutions and all collectibles. You will definitely find everything related to the achievements here!

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Achievements List Dead or Alive 6

Estimated time for 100%: 15 – 20 Hours
Achievements: 36
Secret Achievements:
Missable Achievements: 0
Minimum Playthroughs


Dead or Alive 6 Achievement Guide

The game has not yet been released, this guide will be expanded as soon as possible!


  • DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Master
    Unlocked all achievements.

  • Unchallenged Champion
    Completed all Combo Challenge lessons for a single character.

  • Milky Way
    Received 100 ☆ in DOA QUEST mode.

  • Rival Deathmatch
    Fought in 100 ranked matches.

  • The Capable One
    Won 50 Ranked Matches.

  • The Show-off
    Won 5 consecutive Ranked Matches.

  • Training Hard
    Used Free Training mode for 1 hour.

  • Exercise Newbie
    Completed Command Training for a single character.

  • A Fighter is Born
    Completed all lessons in Tutorial.

  • Star Dust
    Received 10 ☆ in DOA QUEST mode.

  • Rival Rampage
    Fought in 10 ranked matches.

  • The Hungry One
    Won 20 Ranked Matches.

  • No Escape!
    Won a match by executing 3-hit combo after cancelling a Break Blow (excluding offline PvP matches).

  • I See Through It All
    Won a match receiving 0 damage (offline player vs. player matches excluded).

  • Fighting Entertainment
    Fought debut match (excluding training and offline player vs. player matches).

  • Change!
    Changed your main fighter.

  • Fledgling Fighter
    Fought against computer in the VERSUS mode.

  • Cleared ARCADE course
    Cleared a course in the ARCADE mode.

  • Cleared TIME ATTACK course
    Cleared a course in the TIME ATTACK mode.

  • Cleared SURVIVAL course
    Cleared a course in the SURVIVAL mode.

  • DOA Rookie
    Attempted Tutorial.

  • A New Challenger Appears!
    Attempted Combo Challenges.

  • Adept Shopper
    Bought a costume in the Wardrobe.

  • Wise Manners
    Bought a title in the Wardrobe.

  • Records Keeper
    Checked the Fight Records.

  • The Observer
    Watched a COM vs. COM battle in the Theater.

  • Learning From the Past
    Watched a replay in the Theater.

  • Melomaniac
    Purchased additional BGM.

  • DOApedia
    Purchased DOA Encyclopedia in the Library.

  • Star Catcher
    Collected one ☆ during a quest.

  • Rival Rumble
    Fought in your first ranked match.

  • Fighting For Real
    Won 1 Ranked Match.

  • A Fight to Remember
    Saved a replay.

  • Rushing It
    Won a match by executing a Fatal Rush attack (excluding offline PvP matches).

  • Smashing It
    Won a match by executing a Break Blow attack (excluding offline PvP matches).

  • Grabbing It
    Won a match by executing a Break Hold attack (excluding offline PvP matches).

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