Destiny 2: All Relic Locations – Candy from a Baby

You have problems with the Destiny 2 exotic Quest and can not find the relics? In this guide we show you all locations – Candy from a Baby – Truth Exotic Quest Last Step.

When you complete all the quest steps and find the relics, you will get the exotic rocket launcher “Truth” in Destiny 2.


Candy from a Baby – All Relic Locations Guide

To collect the relics, you have to play Warden of Nothing, as Nightfall or Strike. You also need Tincture of Queensfoil because you must be ascendant.

You have to find 5 relics so that you can open the last chest in which “Truth” can be found at the end. When you play in a fireteam, all relics count, including those that another player collects.

As soon as “Mission Complete” appears, you have 90 seconds to find and open the last chest. In the video below you can see the complete process and all 10 sites for relics.

00:06 – Relic #1
00:18 – Relic #2
00:33 – Relic #3, #4, #5
01:20 – Relic #6, #7
01:49 – Relic #8, #9, #10
02:34 – Final fight / chest

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