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Destiny 2 Forsaken: WANTED Bounty locations Guide

wanted missione forsaken

With the Destiny 2 expansion Forsaken also new “Wanted” missions were published. The new Wanted Bounties are available on several planets, including Nessus.

Below you will find all new “Wanted” missions, this guide is under construction and will be upgraded!

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All Wanted Bountys – D2 Forsaken

In order to be able to accept some of the Bounty Missions you need among other things Ghost Fragments, which you can get through public events. You have to exchange them for example with the Spider Vendor against the Bounty.


WANTED: Silent Fang

Found on EDZ as an adventure near the Lost Sector in The Sludge.


WANTED: Irxis Partisan

Found on EDZ in The Gulch. It is a random spawn in the area.


WANTED: Consul Partisan

Found on the Tangled Shore in the Soriks’s Cut area. You have to wait for the Cryo-Pod Public Event to appear

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Written by: J.P.

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  1. Martin Carrier September 17, 2018 | Reply

    What/Where is Silent Fang? It is listed in the EDZ Triumphs. Only one I didn’t get. No mention of it anywhere I search. Are we going back to the Cosmodrome for this one?

  2. pirate September 18, 2018 | Reply

    Good guide but where in the 8 pages is Silent Fang?

  3. StarWrecker September 18, 2018 | Reply

    Silent Fang is the weekly Powerful Bounty. All of these have been separate Adventures you start. Silent Fang’s Adventure Beacon is in the Sludge on the EDZ

    • J.P. September 18, 2018 | Reply

      @StarWrecker – thank you very much!

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