Destiny 2 Forsaken: Blind Well Tier 3 – Solo

For those who want to get some suggestions, we have written this short guide including video.

The Youtuber Esoterickk played Blind Well Tier 3 solo in Destiny 2 Forsaken and released a video about it. For normal players probably rather unsuitable, Tier 3 is of course still a bit heavier than Tier 2.

General tip
Goes into the bubble with a marker hovering over it. Inside you will get a buff called “Touch of the Sky” which will not cause you constant damage. The buff only lasts for a few seconds, when you go, “Touch of the Deep” is weakened and you get damaged until you go back into the well.

He did not use Telesto or Glitch in the video! Enjoy and have fun!

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Solo Blind Well Tier 3 (No Telesto Glitch)

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