Destiny 2: How to find Matt Helsom on Mars

Are you looking for Matt Helsom in Destiny 2? No problem, we’ll show you where to find it. If you log into the game before coming to the planet selection, you will receive a new message:

Signal intercepted

Ana’s detected a signal from a Golden Age research station on Mars that just came back online. Investigate the area and report back to Ana with xour findings.

Matt Helsom is first and foremost not a person you have to find, you have to find his memories. So you have to go to Mars. Land at Braytech Futurescape and head north, INTO the Great Building. At the end of the hall you go left, go your way to the small terminal. Where to find a small electronic part and examine it. You can see the exact way in the video below.

Written by: Carizma

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