Destiny 2: Bad Juju Location Guide – Tribute Hall Quest Steps

Bad Juju Destin 2

We want to explain in a short guide how you can find the weapon Bad Juju in Destiny 2. The Bad Juju is an old Destiny 1 exotic pulse rifle and you can get it in Destiny 2.

First, you need the Tribute Hall Invitation, which you can find in a box on Nessus, right next to NPC Werner. Open the chest and you will receive the quest Step – Invitation from the emperor.

Turn in 18 Tributes in the Hall and you obtain the start Quest for the Bad Juju.

You will then receive the quest Step Pest Control and then the quest The other Side. Complete this Mission (Solo Duable) to obtain the final step. Below you can also see a video guide.

If you have problems finding the Tribute Hall, you will find it on Nessus, Watcher’s Grave, below we show you a video about it.


Bad Juju Location Guide – Destiny 2


Tribute Hall Location – Destiny 2

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