Devil May Cry 5: The Quick and the Dead – Trophy Guide

In this guide we will explain how to unlock the following Devil May Cry 5 Trophy / Achievement:

strong>The Quick and the Dead
Defeat 5 enemies in 1 second.

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DMC5 – Defeat 5 enemies in 1 second

This task can already be done in Mission 2. Play on “Human” or “Heaven or Hell” difficulty and make sure you’ve equipped the Devil Breaker Helter Skelter before you start the mission.

Kill the first 3 enemies, then 5 more enemies will appear. Keep them close to you, keep Circle with Helter Skelter to kill them all at the same time. In heaven or hell, all enemies die with one hit. For “Human” you have to weaken it a bit at first.

Written by: Carizma

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