Disney Dreamlight Valley: Energy Guide

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are many ways to get more energy and keep it up. Any action that requires you to use one of your tools will use up some of your Energy.

Keeping the bar full is the best way to get the most resources at once. As you gain levels, you can also increase your Max Energy. This means that you can fish, mine, or dig for longer in Disney Dreamlight Valley before you need to rest. Here’s what you need to know to get your Disney Dreamlight Valley Energy level up and keep it there.

Getting your Energy Back

Going inside your house is the easiest way to get your Energy back. As soon as you get inside, your Energy bar should fill up quickly, and you can then go back outside to continue your adventures.

The other way to get Disney Dreamlight Valley Energy back is to eat food. To do this, open your inventory, choose something to eat, and then press the Eat button. At the bottom of this screen, next to the blue cloud, you’ll see a number that tells you how much Energy you’ll get from eating the item. Unless the food is cooked, you can’t fill your bar past the maximum level. Choose what to eat based on how much Energy you need right now and save the most nourishing foods for when you need them the most.


If you have cooked food with a star rating, you can eat that to fill up your Energy bar past its maximum level. For example, the Disney Dreamlight Valley ratatouille recipe is an easy-to-make five-star meal, and Disney Dreamlight Valley Lobsters also give a lot of Energy. When the bar fills up a second time, it will be a shimmering gold color instead of blue. This means you have the Well Fed bonus, which makes you move about 15% faster. This buff is especially helpful because there is no “sprint” button in the game. Being Well Fed is the only way to run properly.

How to get more Max Energy

You need to make friends with other characters and gain experience to level up and get more Max Energy. You can do this by making sure you always have a Villager with you, completing quests, and doing a lot of things like clearing Night Thorns, fishing, harvesting, and more. Every time you gain a level, you’ll be able to store more Energy in your bar. This means you can explore more and do more things at once before you get too tired and have to refill your levels.

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