Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: All Boulders Locations – Demolition Artist

In Dragon Ball Z Kakarot you can find boulders that block caves. To complete the game with 100% you must find and destroy 10 of these boulders and unlock the following trophy:

  • Demolition Artist
    Destroy 10 boulders blocking caves.

More solutions and tips can be found in our trophy guide.


Boulders Locations – DBZ Kakarot

Some mineral deposits are blocked by boulders. These mineral deposits are marked on the map, but not all are blocked by a boulder. Just check them all. When you are close by, press L1 / LB to highlight purple boulders.

Then walk towards the boulder and press CIRCLE / B to destroy it. After the story you can still do this task, so you can’t miss the trophy.

Written by: Carizma

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