Dying Light 2: All Metro Station Locations – Get more Inhibitors

There is really a lot to discover in Dying Light 2, it’s really amazing. In order to complete all areas with 100%, you have to get your stamina very high, for which you need inhibitors.

Just a quick note, in this guide we want to show you where all the Metro Station can be found. If you find and complete them all, you will receive trophies and inhibitors.

There are 9 Metro Station in total. You can unlock the following trophies:

  • Tube Map
    Activate all Metro Stations.

You want to see an overview of all trophies? Take a look at our guide.


Metro Station Solutions and Locations

Metro Stations are important locations in the game, when activated they also serve as Fast Travel Points. To activate a Metro, you must clear the area and find all the switches, only then will the Metro be operational.

There is always a first switch, when this is pressed you have to find and activate 3 to 5 power generators. Each Metro also has an Inhibitor!


  • Metro #1: The Holy Trinity – 0:00
  • Metro #2: Hayward Square – 0:25
  • Metro #3: Downtown Court – 4:56
  • Metro #4: Waterside – 5:12
  • Metro #5: Newalls Crossing – 8:52
  • Metro #6: VNC Tower – 11:32
  • Metro #7: King William Bridge – 12:31
  • Metro #8: Cathedral – 16:07
  • Metro #9: South Loop – 20:05

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