Elden Ring White Reed Armor Guide

Elden Ring White Reed Armor Set

Elden Ring White Reed Armor set is one of the most easily recognizable armor sets. It is definitely a set that you want for the Samurai class.

The journey is not wasted, despite the fact that the item is obtained late in the game. Along the twin quest to gain the initial set and then the helm to complete the collection, you will also obtain some bonus goodies as a reward for completing both journeys.

Getting to Spiritcaller’s Cave

Elden Ring Spiritcaller's Cave

The White Reed Armor Set may be found in Spiritcaller’s Cave in the Mountaintops of the Giants. First, drive quickly to the icy lake sight of grace and head southeast. If you haven’t already arrived at the location of grace, head northeast until you find it in accordance to the attached map. The Mountaintops of the Giants is rather late in the game, so if you haven’t unlocked it yet, follow these instructions to do so.

You will need a Stonesword Key to enter the cave once you arrive. If you don’t already have one, you can get one from the twin maiden husks at the round hole table or from any merchant in the Lands Between.

Acquiring The White Reed Armor Set

Elden Ring White Reed Armor Set Location

Rest at the sight of grace upon entering the Spiritcaller’s cave in case you die unexpectedly. After recuperating, proceed through the tunnels, where you will come across a falling floor. Make your way down and fight your way through the cave’s first two rooms. After fighting these foes, you will be taken to a third room filled with wolf summons.

You can either speed through these painfully difficult NPCs or fight your way through them. In any case, proceed to the back right corner of the room. You will find a dead body resting down on a tree with the White Reed Armor Set. Unfortunately, this deceased individual does not own the full collection. Head to the bottom of the Mountaintops of the Giants to get the helmet that will complete your White Reed Armor.

How to Get the Okina Mask and Rivers of Blood Katana

Elden Ring Bloody Finger Okina

Fast travel to the “Foot of the Forge” grace site to recover the Okina Mask and the Rivers of Blood Katana. Once there, proceed west toward the abandoned structure.

Circumnavigate this region until the Bloody Finger Okina attacks. When you defeat your opponent, they will drop the Okina mask to complete your collection. One of the game’s most prized weapons, The Rivers of Blood Katana will also be available.

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