Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars – All Larry’s Notes Locations

With the DLC Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars there are new trophies and achievements. In this guide we explain the trophy / achievement:

DLC: Mars: Martian Journal
Collect all of Larry’s notes (Host Only).

The notes of Larry are text collecting objects which you can find in fixed positions. By finding all notes the trophy/achievement is unlocked. You have to find and collect all of them before you finish the story, there is no free roam on the story. There is a very clear warning at the point of no return after all 19 antennas have been activated and all 12 Hurks body parts found.

Larry’s notes are not marked on the map.

A good way to collect notes from Larry is after activating all antennas. Then you can quickly travel around the map.

An overview of all Far Cry 5 trophies can be found here!


Collect All 28 Larry’s Notes – Lost on Mars

Written by: Carizma

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