Far Cry New Dawn: Sam Fishers Outfit Location – Trophy Guide

There are 51 trophies and 50 achievements in the main game of Far Cry New Dawn. In this guide we explain the following trophy:

Paladin’s Secret
Find Sam Fisher’s outfit in the Government Plane Wreck expedition.

A complete guide to all trophies can be found right here.


Find the hidden Sam Fisher’s outfit

The Government Plane Wreck is the fifth expedition. The starting point is random. Look for a rusted airplane wreck (has a brown tint).

Once you find the wreck, enter the wreckage. Use the laptop at the bottom, where the only enemy is to be found. This opens up a secret vault. Go up to the top level of the wreckage and interact with the vault door at the end of the room. The secret Sam Fisher outfit is behind this door.

Written by: Carizma

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