Flipping Death: Trophy Guide & Roadmap

In the PS4 game Flipping Death you can unlock a total of 13 trophies. In this Trophy Guide we show you all the trophies and their tasks.

Below you will find all the trophies, as well as tips, solutions and all collectibles. You will definitely find everything related to the trophies here!


Trophies List Flipping Death

Estimated time for platinum:
Total Trophies: 13 (1,10,2,0)
Offline trophies:
Online trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Minimum Playthroughs


Flipping Death Trophy Guide

  • The whole story
    Unlock all trophies

  • The Story of Flatwood Peaks
    Finish the game

  • Didn’t I just do this?
    Complete "Death of a Woodsman"

  • Soon-to-be-Completionist
    Complete all challenges in one chapter

  • Gotta Catch ‘Em All
    Unlock all ghost cards

  • A reader of minds
    Mindread 40 characters

  • Pursuit of Happiness
    Make someone Happy within the first 60 seconds of a chapter

  • How does that make you feel?
    Make a character feel all the emotions (Happy, Scared, Angry)

  • Possible heart condition
    Have a character stay scared for 20 seconds

  • A hero and his villain
    Help Captain Heropants catch Dr Laser

  • Free falling
    Fall down from the highest point of the town

  • Timey-wimey interactive mystical memory visualization
    Complete "A Black Day for a Blacksmith"

  • Full house
    Unlock every character in a chapter

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