Forza Horizon 4 – All Houses Locations and Bonuses

In Forza Horizon 4 you have the opportunity to buy real estate, through this property you will receive useful bonuses, clothes and cars.

The real estate includes houses and even entire castles. In addition to the bonuses mentioned above, you can also unlock a achievement by purchasing a castle:

Crowning Achievement
Purchase a castle.

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Houses Guide – All property, costs, locations and bonuses

There are 12 properties in total in the main game, you can now see a video of all the houses and below you will find details about each property.

1# Bamburgh Castle

Video: at 4:18
Cost: 10,000,000 Credits
Location: Nordöstlich von Astmoor am Meer
Boni: Barn Find Rumor, 10 Super Wheelspins


2# Castleview Road

Video: at 4:52
Cost: 750,000 Credits
Location: Südlich von Edinburgh
Boni: red velvet blazer, 3 Super Wheelspins


3# Croftdale Farm

Video: at 1:42
Cost: 200,000 Credits
Location: Westlich von Edinburgh bei Glen Rannoch
Boni: Sheep car horn, Super-Wheelspin


4# Derwent Mansion

Video: at 2:40
Cost: 1.500,000 Credits
Location: Südwestlich des Derwent Water Sees
Boni: golden tank top, 5 Super Wheelspins


5# Edinburgh Castle

Video: at 5:22
Cost: 15.000,000 Credits
Location: Edinburgh
Boni: Alfa Romeo P3, 10 Super-Wheelspins


6# Fairlawn Manor

Video: at 3:11
Cost: 2.000,000 Credits
Location: Southwest of Edinburgh
Boni: Fast Travel, Silver Cylinder, 10 Super Wheelspins


7# Kingfisher Cottage

Video: at 0:57
Cost: 350,000 Credits
Location: Westlich von Astmoor beim Derwent Reservoir
Boni: Rubber Ducky car horn, Wheelspin


8# Lake Lodge

Video: at 1:25
Cost: 5.000,000 Credits, oder mit VIP gratis
Location: North of Derwent Water See
Boni: Forzathon-Boost, 5 Super Wheelspins


9# Sunflower Meadows

Video: at 0:26
Cost: 200,000 Credits
Location: Ambleside, Derwent Water See
Boni: green wellington boots , Super-Wheelspin


10# Thatch Corner

Video: at 3:45
Cost: 500,000 Credits
Location: East of Astmoor am Meer
Boni: „Are we there yet?“, 2 Super Wheelspins


11# The Gables

Video: at 0:00
Cost: 0 Credits
Location: South of Astmoor
Boni: Drone Mode


12# The Huntsman’s Lodge

Video: at 2:08
Cost: 750,000 Credits
Location: East of Derwent Water See
Boni: 3 Super-Wheelspins, DJs playing Skill Songs

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