Fossil Hunters – Achievements Liste & Tips

In the Xbox One Action Adventure Fossil Hunters you can unlock a total of 46 achievements, with a total of 1,000 Game Score. In this Achievement Guide we show you all the achievements and their tasks.

Below you will find all the achievements, as well as tips, solutions and all collectibles. You will definitely find everything related to the achievements here!

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Trophies List Fossil Hunters

Estimated time for 100%:
Achievements: 46
Secret Achievements: 0
Missable Trophies:
Minimum Playthroughs


Fossil Hunters Achievements Guide

  • The Ultimate Fossil Hunter
    Collected all other achievements!

  • Curator
    Collected all golden idols.

  • Historian
    Collected all journal entries.

  • Employee of the Month
    Completed all of The Collector’s requests.

  • Fossil Hunter
    Finished the game.

  • Big Time
    Built 15 big skeletons.

  • Colossal Fossils
    Built 5 colossal skeletons.

  • Special Sammy
    Picked up the Sammy rock and brought it to the elevator.

  • Assistant Professor
    Made 10 skeletons.

  • I Guess it Didn’t Belong in a Museum…
    Collected all destruction achievements.

  • Hope That Wasn’t Valuable
    Dropped a golden idol in a pit.

  • I Knew I Left That Somewhere…
    Picked up an idol from the treasure hoard.

  • I’m Starting a Scrapbook
    Collected all Digsite journal entries.

  • You Must be a Fun Guy
    Collected all Mushroom Caverns journal entries.

  • Hot Takes
    Collected all Magma Chamber journal entries.

  • Spaced Out
    Collected all Abyss journal entries.

  • It’s a Long Way Down…
    Died in a pit 100 times.

  • Butterfingers
    Dropped 50 fossils in pits.

  • The Squad
    Played as each of the Fossil Hunters.

  • Schematic Master
    Unlocked all schematic doors.

  • Get Over It
    Unlocked the bridge shopkeep.

  • Business is Booming!
    Unlocked the dynamic shopkeep.

  • Oh, Deer!
    Unlocked the support shopkeep.

  • Professor
    Made 50 skeletons.

  • Master Paleontologist
    Made 100 skeletons.

  • Massive
    Built 10 huge skeletons.

  • Good Enough
    Submitted a skeleton with every piece damaged.

  • Where Did Everybody Go?
    All of your friends dropped out in a local multiplayer game.

  • Overcapacity
    Transported 12 or more items with the elevator.

  • You’ve Got Bones in Your Teeth
    Had a fossil eaten by a crawler.

  • They Mean Well…
    Had a fossil smashed by a lavamander.

  • Mossil
    Had a fossil covered in moss.

  • Smashing!
    Had a fossil smashed by a cave-in.

  • It Belongs in a Museum!
    Collected a golden idol.

  • Interior Decorator
    Rearranged the furniture in the lab.

  • Long Jump
    Leapt the maximum distance.

  • It’s Over 9000
    Had all three power-ups active at once.

  • The Key to Discovery
    Unlocked a schematic door.

  • You Made a Friend!
    Unlocked the lamp shopkeep.

  • Researcher
    Made a skeleton.

  • Perfectionist
    Submitted 50 clean & pristine skeletons.

  • Abridged Edition
    Used 20 bridges.

  • Explosive
    Used 20 dynamite barrels.

  • Are You Afraid of the Dark?
    Used 20 lamps.

  • Supportive Personality
    Used 20 supports.

  • Narrow Escape
    Prevented death with a dodge roll.

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