Genshin Impact: 20% Faster Exploration and AR Exp

In this Genshin Impact Tier-List by Exploration Guide we want to show you how reduce your time spend on exploring the map and solving puzzles.

Here you can find all the game achievements of Genshin Impact!

Exploration Tier-List Guide

  • 1. Faster AR Exp = Higher AR LvL
  • 2. More Loots & Materials
  • 3. Save time & allow for other fun game modes.
  • 4. Feeling & Playing like a pro

Genshin Impact: Exploration Tier List Guide

This is definately a very useful guide because with a faster exploration and AR Exp you can unlock more story, content, dungeon and loots. More loots means more weapons, artifacts and primogems upgrades. It will save your time which allows you to have more fun with other stuff ingame or game modes. Below you will see an overview and the time stamp as well.

  • Tier List Overview – 0:19
  • Benefits Of Exploration Units – 0:43
  • Far Reach Units – 2:03
  • Ratio Of Elemental Puzzles – 4:27
  • Pyro Tier – 5:14
  • My 20% Faster Exploration Setup – 5:53
  • Cyro Character Highlights – 7:51
  • Exploration Suggestion with Free Units – 12:45
  • Summary – 13:37


Source: Mattjestic MultiGaming

Written by: Dom

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