Genshin Impact: Big Business World Quest Guide

World Quest Big Business Genshin Impact

This Big Business World Quest Guide will show you the location and their tasks to complete this Quest in Genshin Impact.

Overview of the Big Business World Quest:

  • Quest Type: World Quest
  • Location: Wangshu Inn, Liyue
  • Quest Giver: Landa
  • Rewards:
    • Adventure EXP x250
    • Primogems x30
    • Hero’s Wit x3
    • 30,000 Mora

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World Quest Big Business in Genshin Impact

Completing World Quests in Genshin Impact are important as you get rewards such as expierence (EXP) and much more. You can find the Big Business at the Wangshu Inn. There you have to talk to Landa at the top of Wangshu Inn to start the quest. Now go ahead and teleport yourself to the Statue of The Seven – Geo, look nearby for a hut and search around the water to get the first invoice.

After this you need to head to the destination which is located to the west of the Statue of the Seven. Follow the destination mark until you get to the small island and crawl inside of the cave with hilichurls. Now head near Stone Gate and talk to Bao’er, she is in front of the house. She is requesting Noctilucous Jades (can be found at the Northeast of Mingyun Village), bring it to her to get the third invoice. That’s it, return to Wangshu Inn and talk to Landa to complete the Quest.

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