Here are all Skills and Ultimates of Javelin suits in Anthem

Anthem has four different combat suits that have individual abilities and a particularly strong Ultimate. Learn here which skills the Javelins have and what you have to take into account.

What does this guide contain? Here you will find all the skills of the four Javelins in Anthem. The whole is packaged in practical info graphics, which also indicate directly how the skills are to be classified in the respective suits.

The info graphics are from the creator Matt Needler and are wildly shared in the Anthem community.

In addition to the listed abilities there is a short and rough explanation about the skill system in Anthem. This works with elemental benefits and special combo attacks.

Source: Matt Needler

What’s special about Storm’s abilities?

Storm is equipped with a special sealing technology. The seals allow him to use the ancient power of the hymn, which is described as pure creation. This allows Storm to float longer than other Javelins and fight with elemental magic.

He is minimally armored, making him vulnerable and therefore more likely to cause devastating area damage to greater distances. Storm works in gameplay more like a typical magician class from an MMO.

What’s special about Colossus’s abilities?

Colossus is the only Javelin who can use heavy weapons. He is supported by his heavy launchers. Although he is the tank under the suits, but also a walking artillery with mighty projectiles.

To support the group as a tank, Colossus has strengthening systems that allow him to attract opponents.

What’s special about Ranger’s abilities?

Ranger has some special grenades in his luggage, which trigger versatile effects. Just as versatile are his launcher of the Rangers themselves. He is considered the all-rounder in the group, but focuses more on individual goals.

As a special feature, the ranger has a double jump, which also makes him flexible in the battle. Ranger is most likely the soldier of the group.

What is special about Interceptors capabilities?

Interceptor is equipped with systems and double blades that make it particularly skillful in close combat. He is extremely precise in his attacks and on mobility. He therefore has a triple jump and fast evasive maneuvers.

Interceptor is like an assassin who rushes into battle to eliminate targets and quickly navigate to the next destination. His strengthening systems give his team buffs, which also puts him in an easy support role.

What to pay attention to in terms of abilities

Each Javelin has three unique pieces of equipment: you can customize some skills of the Javelins to suit different situations. Each Javelin has two attack and one buff gear that helps the defense. Within these categories you can modify the skills.

  • Storm: Blast Seal, Focus Seal, Strength Seal
  • Colossus: artillery, heavy launcher, strengthening systems
  • Ranger: guards, launcher, strengthening systems
  • Interceptor: Attack System, Hit Systems, Strength Systems

The ultimate in javelin is particularly strong: Every javelin has an ultimate ability that is a lot stronger than the ordinary ones. These are not interchangeable.

The descriptions of the Ultima capabilities:

  • Storm – Elemental Storm: Summoning a flood of energy, the Storm devastates a target area – and any enemy unlucky enough to be there.
  • Colossus – High Explosive Mortar: Fire an explosive projectile to devastate an area and every enemy within.
  • Ranger – Multi-Target Rocket Storm: Bring down a volley of missiles that automatically capture dozens of targets on your enemies.
  • Interceptor – Double-sided daggers: The Interceptor uses 2 double-sided daggers in close combat to inflict hitting enemies.

Skills have different types

Certain types can have advantages: in Anthem, some skills are tied to elements that have a type advantage over an enemy. A frost attack would not be so effective on an ice wolf.

To which type an attack belongs, you can recognize by these symbols in the play.

Anthem Skills

From left to right you can see the symbols for:

  • Detonator
  • Primer
  • Fire
  • Acid
  • Electrical
  • Frost
  • Impact / Explosion

The skills have a combo system

All Javelins have a combo effect: Combos allow you to combine attacks and skills. This makes the attacks even more powerful by triggering certain effects.

For example, in the Interceptor, enemies receive an elemental effect over time on a successfully triggered combo. The combos you can trigger alone, or work with the team.

For a combo, you need primers and detonators:

  • Primers: Primers cause elemental damage. They are marked in the game by a “circle icon” in the skill description
  • Detonators: Detonators trigger the combo effect when they hit an opponent who was previously hit by a primer attack. Aie are marked by an “explosion icon”

Once a primer and a detanator attack are applied together on an opponent, the combo is created.

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