Just Cause 4: All Ancient Statue Locations – Show Me the Way

In Just Cause 4, there are more than 12 hidden ancient statues, these are only marked on the map when you find them.

Once you have found and activated the first statue, a Javi mission will begin.

Show Me the Way
Uncover every Ancient Statue

A complete overview of all trophies and achievements can be found here.

Ancient Statues Locations – JC4

In order to unlock the achievement “Show me the way” you have to find and activate 12 ancient statues. Each statue is hidden under a stone slab, you have to pull the respective lever with your hook so that the statue is unlocked.

Among other things, by collecting the statues, you also release the “Emsavion Cropduster” for the replenishment delivery.

This guide is under construction, content will be updated shortly.

#1 Machi-Statue 00:00
#2 Wakchilla-Statue 01:12
#3 Pirana-Statue 02:11
#4 Kuntur-Statue 03:25
#5 Pinsha-Statue04:37
#6 Amaru-Statue 05:53
#7 Abi-Statue 07:21
#8 Llama-Statue 09:00
#9 Quwi-Statue 10:07
#10 Challwa-Statue 11:41
#11 Misi-Statue 13:14
#12 Sira-Sira-Statue 14:30

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