Madden NFL 21 Best Overall Playbooks

In this Madden NFL 21 Playbook guide we will show you the best Overall books in the game. One of the Playbook should fit your play style. There are some changes in Madden NFL 21 which are different to the previous entries in terms of the famous playbooks. However, some of the previously unnoticed books should get more attention this time.

You will get your first playbook once you selected your first team. Each playbook has their unique formations, like defensive and offensive options for your own personnel strategies.

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Best Overall Playbooks

West Coast Alternate

The West Coast Alternate provide you some quality formations. You get a variety of possibilities from Singleback, you can pursue such as the Doubles North. This give you the opporturnity to pass around with great ease using and plays like bench sweep.

For running plays you can choose either I Form Wing or I Form tight, both are great for running plays. If you are a center, Strong Close is a really good option but keep in mind the real specialty of this playbook are the Shotgun plays.

An amazing pass play is WR Post and it is very rare so you will not get this from many other playbooks. The Gun Bunch formation is a good option in terms of unique plays. A further unique one is the Gun Bunch Deep Corner. The Gun Bunch play Deep Corner is similarly unique to this playbook.


Las Vegas Raiders

If you like to run, then stick on this playbook, it has all the formations and runs you need for a strong offense. Las Vegas Raiders provides some solid Gun plays, very tight doubles and one notable which is difficult to stop is Bunch T/E.

This playbook has some great passing plays as well, pick Close Flex to get a more pass-heavy play style. You are totally covered with this allrounder playbook


New England Patriots

If you are looking for a Pass-heavy playstyle, then you will love this book as it is made for it. It has also a lot of different options for I Form and Singleback. The best Split Close in the Madden NFL 21 is the Shotgun because of it’s impressive plays such as Trail, X Drag, Z Spot, Pats Curls and more. The Gun Y Off Trips Pats formation is unique to a few playbooks but plays best her, also it has Deep Slot Curl, Pats HB screen and it has possibly of the best Gun Bunch in the game.

Another one of the best formations is the Gun Ace Slot because you can easily run the ball across the field and it has few options such as Power O, Inside Zone and Level Y Sail.

This Playbook is absolutely amazing in terms of offense and it is an all rounder.

Written by: Tom Binsack

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