Marvel’s Avengers – All Intelligence Files Locations Guide

In Marvel’s Avengers there are a total of 51 trophies that you have to unlock. To get the platinum trophy and complete the game with 100%, you have to earn 50 trophies and find all collectibles.

To make your way to platinum a little easier, we want to help you with the following trophy / achievement:

  • Information Overload
    Collect 50 intelligence files

You can find an overview of all trophies and guides here.


All Intelligence Files Locations

The information files are audio file sets. We’re not quite sure yet, but it seems that you won’t find complete sets within one mission, they are spread across all missions!


Jersey City


#1 & #2 File Locations
We found the first two files shortly after walking across the wooden plank. The wooden plank has to be stabilized with the tank. If you walked over the wooden board, you will come to a room, if you climb up in the room you will find the first two files.


#3 File Location
Shortly after you have left the room, you can jump to the left on the roof to find the 3rd intelligence file.


#4 File Location
After the last file, you have to jump up a wall, actually it goes on to the right. But you have to turn around and jump on the roof across the street.


#5 File Location
Before you use the ladder to leave the sewer. Run past the ladder and you will find the collection object in the back corner.



The Road Back

#1 File Location
Right at the beginning of The Road Back mission. On the right side you will see a small building, inside the building you will see an open electrical box on the wall. There is the file.


#2 File Location
Behind the building of the first collector’s item, there is another box that contains the second intelligence file.


#3 File Location
After discovering the Chimera. Climb over the yellow crane to the inside of the Chimera and in the first room you will find this collector’s item.


#4 File Location
At the command deck on a table.


#5 File Location
At the command deck, behind the red cloth on a box.


House Call


To Stand Alone


We are still working on this Guide and it will be finished as soon as possible.

Written by: Carizma

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