NBA 2K23 Beginner Tips and Tricks

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NBA 2K23 contains the basic tips and tactics we know you’ll be searching, whether you’re a veteran or a rookie this year. In this section of our NBA 2K23 tutorial, we will discuss strategies for court mastery.

Choose Your NBA 2K23 Position and Team Cautiously

You may be tempted to hurry through your MyPlayer build if this is your first year playing MyCareer. It’s false! Consider the position you wish to play and the optimal builds for your play style. NBA 2K23 requires a great deal of VC and time, therefore you shouldn’t be tied to a poor MyPlayer. If you want to win in single-player NBA, choose your starting roster with care. This guide provides recommendations for each position.

Using Fast Travel, quickly navigate the city.

MyCareer’s City may run slowly on a next-gen console like the PS5. The sandbox has been decreased by 2K Sports in order to bring critical locations closer together. If there is still too much skating, scan the world for subways. These are sites of rapid travel, and R1 indicates the nearest one. When you enter a metro station, you can quickly select your destination on a map. You can teleport from one side of the City to the other, minimizing the amount of time spent walking.

Examine new locker codes

Our list of All Locker Codes is periodically updated, so if you play MyTeam, keep an eye on this page. If you enter Locker Codes on a daily basis, NBA 2K23’s version to Ultimate Team is one of the most generous card collecting modes. You can use Packs, Tokens, and MT from time-limited promotions to upgrade your starting team. You should also monitor Seasonal objectives, since the rewards may assist you improve the quality of your team.

How do locker codes work?

MyTeam rewards, such as Packs, Tokens, Players, and MT, can be obtained by entering text-based Locker Codes into the game. Occasionally, MyCareer rewards are included in Locker Codes. Each week, new Locker Codes with various prize alternatives are distributed.

In MyCareer, Locker Codes can be entered from the City or Neighborhood menu. Just hit Options/Quit > Locker Codes. Enter a Locker Code from the table to gain access to the present.

2KU in NBA 2K23: Please Use It

You may be tempted to jump directly into NBA 2K23’s most important game modes, but we recommend getting acquainted with the basics first. Training mode enables you to execute plays, familiarize yourself with the controls, and run through sequences to better comprehend the basketball simulation’s flow. Selecting the optimal camera angle and auxiliary tools could help you maximize your gaming experience.

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