NBA 2K23

There are 51 NBA 2K23 Achievements that you must acquire during the game, and it may take some time to do so.

We will also explore the details for accomplishing these tasks.

Let’s get started on winning every trophy in NBA 2K23.

As the game’s release approaches, now is an excellent opportunity to examine the NBA 2K23 Achievements.

However, if you are an obsessive collector of accomplishment trophies, it is a good task to do. Therefore, we include every trophy and accomplishment in NBA 2K23 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox. There are changes between PS4 and PS5 trophies, as you will see shortly. PlayStation 5 has fewer Trophies to achieve than PlayStation 4.

Moving forward, this season offers a total of 51 Achievements to obtain. This contains easy objectives such as just by winning a game but the remaining objectives are more challenging.

NBA 2K23 Achievements List

Title Description Trophy
Ultimate Collector Earn every trophy in NBA 2K23 Platinum
Déjà Vu In MyTEAM Unlimited, Prestige the maximum number of times and earn the Season Grand Prize Gold
MyCHAMPION! Win a championship in MyLEAGUE Gold
All Rise Record a triple-double in a MyCAREER NBA game Silver
Follow Me On… Get 1 million fans in MyCAREER. Silver
In It To Win It Go to the playoffs in MyLEAGUE Silver
Play With Me In MyTEAM, play a game of Triple Threat Online: Co-Op. Silver
Second Chance Get 5 offensive rebounds in a MyCAREER NBA game Silver
Timing Is Everything Make 10 green release shots in a MyCAREER NBA game Silver
Top Of The World Win the college championship Flashback game in MyCAREER Silver
Turning Point Outscore your opponent by 10 points in a single quarter Silver
Yes, Your Airness Earn 45 stars in the JORDAN CHALLENGE Silver
4 For 4 In MyTEAM, make 4 4-point shots in a single game Bronze
All-Star Win an NBA All-Star game Bronze
At The Buzzer! Win a Clutch Time game in MyTEAM Bronze
Badge Collector Earn a Leadership badge by participating in MyCAREER Flashback games Bronze
Bartering Up Make a trade in MyGM Bronze
Best Friends Forever Get 3 assists in a MyCAREER NBA game Bronze
Block Party Get 5 blocks in a MyCAREER NBA game Bronze
Board Man Gets Paid Get 5 defensive rebounds in a MyCAREER NBA game Bronze
Clutch Score 30 points in a MyCAREER NBA game Bronze
Dirty Work Get more rebounds, blocks, and assists than your opponent Bronze
Double Trouble Record a double-double in a MyCAREER NBA game Bronze
Finding Treasure Pick up the Daily Prize Bronze
Five Finger Discount Get 3 steals in a MyCAREER NBA game Bronze
Go Ahead And Jump Create a jump shot in MyCAREER Bronze
Green Light Make 1 green release shot in a MyCAREER NBA game Bronze
It’s Free Real Estate Make 10 free throws in a MyCAREER NBA game Bronze
Legend In The Making Earn 15 stars in the JORDAN CHALLENGE Bronze
Let Doc Do His Thing Change your look in the Barber Shop Bronze
Level Up Make it to Level 40 in a single MyTEAM Season Bronze
Locked In! In MyTEAM, complete a game in a player locked position (minimum 12 minutes) Bronze
Lottery Redux Draft a Diamond or better player in MyTEAM Draft Bronze
Money Talks Talk to ship owner Tomas Bronze
New With Tags In MyTEAM, apply a Diamond Shoe Card to any Player Card Bronze
No Contest Take a 20 point lead into halftime in a MyCAREER NBA game Bronze
Not Too Shabby Score 10 points in a MyCAREER NBA game Bronze
Omnipotent Play a game in MyGM Bronze
On My Way Win a PLAY NOW ONLINE game Bronze
Popping Off Play a game of Mini-Basketball Bronze
Rival Pride Talk to rival Sam Bronze
She’s Got Game Win a PLAY WNBA game Bronze
Slabbed Grade any MyTEAM Player Card Bronze
Social Distancer Perform an emote from a vehicle in MyCAREER Bronze
Squeaky Clean Turn the ball over 10 fewer times than your opponent in a MyCAREER game Bronze
Superstar Win a QUICK PLAY game Bronze
Threepio! In MyTEAM, win the League Grand Prize in Unlimited Bronze
Tre’ Bomber Make 5 three-pointers in a MyCAREER NBA game Bronze
Wet From Three Make 10 three-pointers in a MyCAREER NBA game Bronze
What’s For Dinner Complete a full practice in the Team Practice Facility Bronze
You’re A Star Win an NBA TODAY game Bronze


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