Paraiso Island – PS4 Trophies List

We have all the PS4 trophies for Paraiso Island, including all conditions. In total there are 11 trophies that you can unlock.

Paraiso Island Trophies List

  • Redecorate Home
    Redecorate entire Home.

  • Complete Quests
    Complete a dozen Quests.

  • Buy Things
    Purchase a dozen items.

  • Sell Things
    Sell a dozen items.

  • Daily Bonus
    Collect a week of Daily Bonuses.

  • Fill Wardrobe
    Fill an entire wardrobe or safe.

  • Tutorial Complete
    Help Noodoo find a new home and learn the basics.

  • Plant Trees
    Plant a dozen trees.

  • Catch Fish
    Catch a dozen fish.

  • Chop Trees
    Chop down a dozen trees.

  • Fill Inventory
    FIll Inventory to the brim.

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