Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Challenge Tombs – Locations and Solutions

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider there are many collectibles and puzzles, which must be found and solved. As in all of Lara’s games, there are Challenge Tombs again, which you must find and complete.

There are a total of 9 Challenge Tombs. If you find and play all you will receive the following trophy / achievement:

Tomb Raider
Complete all Challenge Tombs in the main campaign

To successfully complete a tomb, you must reach the stele at the end of the tombs (statue). Each tomb unlocks a new ability, so they must also receive all the skills in a category for the Specialized Trophy.

The Tombs can not be missed! Once you’ve finished the game, you can explore the world as you wish and search for forgotten collectibles and reveal secrets.

That’s all, quite easy to overlook! Are you looking for more solutions or trophies tutorials on the new Lara adventure? Check it out in our Tomb Raider Walkthrough.

All Challenge Tombs Walkthrough

#1 – Peruvian Jungle (Underworld Gate) – 0:11
#2 – Peruvian Jungle (Judge’s Gaze) – 7:17
#3 – Kuwaq Yaku (Howling Caves) – 13:12
#4 – The Hidden City (Path of Battle) – 19:59
#5 – The Hidden City (Temple of the Sun) – 27:21
#6 – The Hidden City (Ancient Aqueduct) – 36:28
#7 – Cenote (San Cordoba) – 45:08
#8 – Mission of San Juan (Tree of Life) – 53:29
#9 – Mission of San Juan (Thirsty Gods) – 1:03:56

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