Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Reinforced Knife – that’s how you find it

You are looking for the reinforced knife in Tomb Raider (SOTTR), but you can not find it?

The Reinforced Knife is an unlockable gadget upgrade in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It allows you to cut rope barriers with a knife.

Getting Reinforced Knife: To buy the knife, you must go to the hidden city of Paititi. There you will find the dealer in the marketplace, it costs 2900 gold Pieces.

You can continue to upgrade your knife, if you have completely upgrade it, you will also receive a trophy / achievement:

That’s a Knife!
Fully upgrade the knife

That’s all, quite easy to overlook! Are you looking for more solutions or trophies tutorials on the new Lara adventure? Check it out in our Tomb Raider Walkthrough.


Reinforced Knife – Video Guide

Written by: Carizma

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