The Forest: Cassette Tapes Locations – Gabe Fan Trophy Guide

A total of 5 cassettes are hidden in the survival game “The Forest“. You need these collectibles for the following trophy / achievement:

Gabe Fan
Collect all cassette tapes!

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Find all the tapes in The Forest

Cassettes are used in conjunction with the cassette player to play music, which among other things gives the player energy, the music can attract cannibals and mutants.

There are currently 5 tapes in the game world. Some have duplicates so they can be found in several places:


Cassette 1, Fatal Request – Stronghold
On the Yacht with the Cassette player.


Cassette 2, The Slaps – No Conscience
It spawns at the end of Cave 4.


Cassette 3, Frankie Millionaire – Do It
Cave 6, near the cowman and the boat.


Cassette 4, Wolf on Fire – The Haunting
It spawns on the mountain grave next to the large lake.


Cassette 5, Rick Gold – Strength, Ability and Wisdom
On the Beachside Grave.

Written by: Carizma

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