The Last of Us 2 – All Safe Codes, Combinations and Locations

It’s a pleasure for helping you to get all 17 Combinations in the The Last of Us 2: Those includes 14 Safe Codes, 1 Locker Code and 2 Gate Combinations.
All Safes containing some Weapons, Ammo, Collectibles, Upgrades for parts or supplements. So please make sure to loot all of them in TLOU2.
Anyway, you will find all codes around the current safe spot, so make sure to keep your eyes open for documents (Artifacts) or some whiteboards. BUT if you don’t wanna bother yourself with this, here are all codes listed for each safe! Once you’ve open all 14 safes, you will get the following trophy:

  • Safecracker
    Unlock every safe

In case you wanna collect all trophies, please use our Trophy Guide.

All Safe Codes and Combinations

#1 Safe – Chapter 4: Patrol (Jackson)

Safe Code: 07-20-13
Content: Weapon parts, supplements and Ammo.

#Chapter 8: The Gate (Seattle Day 1)

Code to Electric Quarantine Zone Gate: 0512

#2 Safe – Chapter 9: Downtown (Seattle Day1)

Safe Code: 60-23-06 (Bank Vault)
Content: Pump Shotgun, Artifact, Antique Ring

#3 Safe – Chapter 9: Downtown (Seattle Day1)

Safe Code: 04-51 (Madison street)
Content: Trading Card, Ammo,Supplements, Health kit, parts

#4 Safe – Chapter 9: Downtown (Seattle Day1)

Safe Code: 86-07-22 (Courthouse)
Content: Parts, Canister, Ammo, Supplements

#Chapter 9: Downtown (Seattle Day1)

Code to Fuck Fedra Gate: 5345

#5 Safe – Chapter 11: Capitol Hill (Seattle Day 1)

Safe Code: 55-01-33
Content: Ammo, Health Kit,

#Chapter 13: The Tunnels (Seattle Day 1)

Code for the Locker room: 15243

#6 Safe – Chapter 16: Hillcrest (Seattle Day2)

Safe Code: 30-82-65
Content: Short Gun Holster, parts, Ammo

#7 Safe – Chapter 18: The Seraphites (Seattle Day 2)

Safe Code: 08-10-83 (Apartment)
Content: Supplements, Ammo

#8 Safe – Chapter 18: The Seraphites (Seattle Day 2)

Safe Code: 38-55-23 (Westons’s Pharmacy)
Content: Supplements, Ammo, Health Kit

#9 Safe – Chapter 21: The Flooded City (Seattle Day 3)

Safe Code: 70-12-64 (Warehouse, on the way to the aquarium)
Content: Parts, Supplements, Ammo

#10 Safe – Chapter 25: On Foot (Seattle Day 1)

Safe Code: 17-38-07 (Big Win Gun Cache)
Content: Hunting Pistol, Ammo

#11 Safe – Chapter 28: Hostile Territory (Seattle Day 1)

Safe Code: 68-96-89 (Jasmine Bakery)
Content: Supplements, Ammo, Tape

#12 Safe – Chapter 31: The Coast (Seattle Day 1)

Safe Code: 90-77-01 (Ship Ferry)
Content: Ammo, Parts, Supplements, Upgrade Branch: Ordnance

#13 Safe – Chapter 33: The Shortcut (Seattle Day 2)

Safe Code: 30-23-04 (Apartment)
Content: Ammo, Parts

#14 Safe – Chapter 34: The Descent (Seattle Day 2)

Safe Code: 12-18-79 (At the Gym)
Content: Supplements, Tape, Parts

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