Torchlight III Trophy Guide & Roadmap

In the game Torchlight III you can unlock a total of 58 trophies. In this Trophy Guide we show you all the trophies and their tasks.

Below you will find all the trophies, as well as tips, tactics and tips. You will definitely find everything related to the trophies here! First you will find a table with a short overview. Second you find a detailed list of all trophies, descriptions, Trophy Guides and much more!

More Guides and News about Torchlight III you will find on our overview page. Orange marked trophies are linked with a separate and detailed guide!


Trophies List Torchlight III

Estimated time for Platinum:
Total Trophies: 58 (1,2,3,52)
Offline trophies:
Online trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Minimum Playthroughs


This guide is under construction – it will continue soon!


Torchlight III Trophy Guide

  • Completionist
    Unlock all base trophies.

  • High Class Hero
    Reach level 60 with 4 different classes.

  • Rotten Core
    Defeat Ordrak in the Clockwork Core.

  • Sinister Siblings
    Defeat Brall in Trial of Strength and Sadista in Netherim Chamber.

  • First Class Hero
    Reach level 60 with any class.

  • Legendary Collection
    Collect 25 legendary items.

  • Snotskin Suppression
    Complete Act 1 story quests.

  • Infestation Investigator
    Complete Act 2 story quests.

  • Echonok Explorer
    Complete Act 3 story quests.

  • Terminator
    Defeat 800 Automatons using Shotgonne Blast as the finishing blow.

  • Big Brawler
    Defeat Brall in Trial of Strength.

  • Gobsmacked
    Defeat 1,986 Goblins using Entropy as the finishing blow.

  • Exterminator
    Defeat 500 Hyvid.

  • Never Netherim
    Defeat 500 Netherim.

  • Psora Not Sorry
    Defeat Psora in the Nymph Tree.

  • Ultimate Slayer
    Defeat Sadista in Netherim Chamber.

  • Shriekback
    Defeat Shriekbeak in Shriekbeak’s Laboratory.

  • Bad to the Bone
    Defeat 1,982 Skeletons using Scout’s Bones as the finishing blow.

  • Declawed
    Defeat Squawkclaw in Squawkclaw’s Perch.

  • Even Stronger
    Defeat Strongtusk in the Belly of the Beast.

  • Thunderstruck
    Defeat 1,990 Voltura using Shocking Rounds as the finishing blow.

  • Unloaded
    Defeat Wideload in Wideload’s Lair.

  • Yapper Slapper
    Defeat Yapper in the Occupied Trevail Point.

  • Zombie Containment
    Defeat 500 Zombies.

  • Getting Krronk
    Defeat Krronk in Defender’s Gate.

  • High Class Dusk Mage
    Reach level 60 with the Dusk Mage.

  • High Class Forged
    Reach level 60 with the Forged.

  • High Class Railmaster
    Reach level 60 with the Railmaster.

  • High Class Sharpshooter
    Reach level 60 with the Sharpshooter.

  • Savant
    Spend 10 points in any skill.

  • Break All the Things!
    Destroy 2,010 breakable objects.

  • Money Tree
    Grow an Ancient Luck Tree in your fort.

  • Superior Enchanting
    Use the Enchanter’s Altar to slot 25 Enchanting Slots.

  • Geared Up
    Pick up armor of each type.

  • Weapons of Choice
    Pick up a weapon of each type.

  • Way to Go
    Find a waypoint.

  • Lore Master
    Find 25 lore objects.

  • Pampered Pet
    Equip a pet collar and tag on your pet.

  • Elite Defense
    Equip items with at least 1337 defense.

  • Replenished
    Pick up 500 health potions.

  • Fight For Your Rites
    Use 100 shrines of any kind.

  • Legendary Loot
    Collect a legendary item.

  • Millionaire
    Collect 1,000,000 gold.

  • Monster Hunter
    Defeat 1,000,000 monsters.

  • Straight to the Point
    Visit Trevail Point.

  • Cozy Cove
    Visit McTyres Cove.

  • Land of Echoes
    Visit Echo Landing.

  • Rolling Stones
    Collect 500 Stone.

  • Woodchuck
    Collect 500 Wood.

  • Heavy Metal
    Collect 500 Metal.

  • Legendary Set
    Equip 7 different legendary sets.

  • Celestial Garb
    Equip the legendary Celestial set.

  • Cosmic Garb
    Equip the legendary Cosmic set.

  • Woodsbeast Garb
    Equip the legendary Woodsbeast set.

  • Skittering Garb
    Equip the legendary Skittering set.

  • Musketeer Garb
    Equip the legendary Musketeer set.

  • Arc-Powered Garb
    Equip the legendary Arc-Powered set.

  • Mountain King’s Garb
    Equip the legendary Mountain King set.

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