Warhammer Vermintide 2 – Achievements Guide & Roadmap

In the Xbox One game Warhammer Vermintide 2 you can unlock a total of 50 achievements. In this Achievement Guide we show you all the achievements and their tasks.

Below you will find all the achievements, as well as tips, solutions and all collectibles. You will definitely find everything related to the achievements here!

Trophies List Warhammer Vermintide 2

Estimated time for platinum:
Achievements: 50
Secret Achievements:
Missable Trophies:
Minimum Playthroughs


  • Norscannihilation
    Complete Skittergate on Legend

  • Pantheon of Heroes
    Reach Level 30 with all characters

  • Empire Resurgent
    Complete the following Helmgart level challenges

  • The Frozen North
    Complete Skittergate on Recruit

  • Pact-Smasher
    Complete Skittergate on Veteran

  • Righteous Crusade
    Complete Skittergate on Champion

  • Avatar of Drakira
    Reach level 30 with Kerillian

  • Witch Hunter General
    Reach level 30 with Saltzpyre

  • Champion of Taal
    Reach level 30 with Kruber

  • Conflagration of Doom
    Reach level 30 with Sienna

  • Just Like Cousin Okri
    Reach level 30 with Bardin

  • Now You’re Showing Off
    Equip Exotic items in every slot

  • Mark of Expertise
    Equip a Veteran Item

  • The Plot Thickens
    Complete Act 1

  • Striking Back
    Complete Act 2

  • Reikland Rumble
    Complete Act 3

  • Exemplar
    Unlock all Talent points for 1 career

  • Master Craftsman
    Craft 50 items

  • Make Do And Mend
    Salvage 100 items

  • Heirloom
    Equip an Exotic Item

  • Virtuoso
    Complete a level as every Hero

  • Firing it Up!
    Kill a Warpfire Thrower before he fires

  • Unstable Combustion
    Blow up a Warpfire Thrower by shooting them in the power cell

  • Liberator
    Kill a Packmaster abducting an ally

  • All in the Reflexes
    Dodge a Packmaster’s hook

  • Caught in the Act
    Shoot a Gutter Runner out of the air

  • No Boom Today
    Kill a suiciding Poison Wind Globadier before he explodes

  • A Gun to a Swordfight
    Kill a Ratling Gunner with your melee weapon

  • Soulsucker Sidestep
    Dodge a Life Leech projectile

  • Enforced Diet
    Kill a Life Leech grabbing an ally before they take damage

  • Forecasting Clear Skies
    Kill a Blightstormer while he’s conjuring a vortex

  • Escaped!
    Complete Prologue

  • Tempered by War
    Unlock 1st Talent point

  • Craftsman
    Craft an Item

  • Waste Not, Want Not
    Salvage an item

  • My First Wargear
    Equip a Common Item

  • Quite the Find
    Equip a Rare Item

  • Master of Convergence
    Legend: Line up all 3 Athel Yenlui leylines within 30 seconds

  • Cage Breaker
    Legend: Rescue all prisoners within 30 seconds on Against the Grain

  • Heldenhammer Time
    Legend: Have the statue of Sigmar kill 3 Chaos Warriors on Righteous Stand

  • You Take Me Up
    Legend: Have 15 enemies be sucked up in one of Halescourge’s tornados

  • A Little Something in Your Eye
    Legend: Kill 25 enemies dropping cannonball on heads in Fort Brach.

  • Blessed by the Father
    Legend: One player gets “bathed” by all Nurgle buboes in Festering Ground.

  • Evacuation Bell
    Legend: Destroy the Screaming Bell and escape in less than 75 seconds

  • Feed Me, Sinner!
    Legend: All stand inside the ritual for 120 seconds in Convocation of Decay

  • Glutton: Punishment.
    Legend: Ring the dinner bell and kill the Troll in less than 15 seconds

  • Unstoppable. Unsteerable.
    Legend: Have Bödvarr charge into a Chaos Warrior 5 times

  • More Where They Came From.
    Legend: Have Skarrik Spinemanglr kill 40 Skaven

  • Powder Monkey
    Legend: Complete Empire in Flames without using any of the event’s barrels

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