Watch Dogs Legion – Finding Bagley Side Quest Guide

Finding Bagley is a side quest in Watch Dogs Legion. You need to completed the main story to unlock this optional mission. The side quest in the headquarters will be available once you have played the game through once.

You will unlock the following trophy or achievement after completing the side quest Finding Bagley.

  • The One That Got Away
    Complete “Finding Bagley”

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Watch Dogs Legion – All Photo Locations for Finding Bagley

As already mentioned you have to complete the main story before the side quest comes available at your DedSec Safehouse. In this optional mission you have to photograph 9 of Bagley’s places of memories to complete the mission and you can only unlock the final 9th photo when you have found 8.

At the beginning of the side quest you get 8 photos from Bagley in your inventory which you can find in your Data Menu (Bagley’s collectibles). That’s it, you will not get any information, no waypoints or quest markings. Below you will see an overview of all 9 locations of each photo.

#1 Photo in The National Gallery 2:17
#2 Photo in Millenium Wheel 2:42
#3 Photo in World of Tomorrow 3:01
#4 Photo in Brixton Recreation 3:23
#5 Photo in Crosier & Cherry Tree 3:45
#6 Photo in Duck Island Cottage 4:11
#7 Photo in Wellington Arch 4:36
#8 Photo in Guy’s Hospital 5:01
#9 Photo in Walkie Talkie Bar 5:24

Written by: Tom Binsack

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