Anthem announces something really cool for a day of the Open Demo

Anthem announces something really cool for a day of the Open Demo

As one of the leading minds of BioWare revealed, participants in the open demo of Anthem on Sunday may well look forward to something “cool”. Downside.

When should the event take place? BioWare recently released an opinion on the performance of the VIP demo that took place last weekend.

In addition to various announcements for the open demo has the “Head of Live Service,” Chad Robertson, dropped in a subordinate clause, that the players on Sunday should definitely log in, because then what “cool” happen. He says: If you can only play in one day, then it should be Sunday afternoon.

Specifically, this means for interested players, on Sunday, the 3.2, to play the demo. Was called only “afternoon”, US time.

When exactly the event takes place is still uncertain. As soon as we know more here, you will for sure give you an update.

What exactly will happen on Sunday? Robertson has remained quite vague here:

“Be attentive on Sunday afternoon (American time). We show you a selection of the cool things that we plan for the future of Anthem.”

What exactly will happen is therefore still unclear. The opinions of the community are quite different here:

  • Are we finally getting a taste of the so-called “Shaper Storms”, huge storms that are still a mystery?
  • Will a new area of ​​the map be revealed which players can explore?
  • An additional story mission or another stronghold would be possible.


Incidentally, such a procedure is quite popular. For example, additional content is often released shortly before the end of demos or beta versions in order to subject the servers to a stress test once again. So in the beta to Destiny 1 shortly before the end of the first story mission released on the moon.

Anyone who wants to get an idea of ​​Anthem can do so in the upcoming demo. Everyone can join in, no pre-order or the like is necessary. The demo will run from Friday the 1st of February to Sunday the 3rd of February.

Do you have an idea what will go on on Sunday?? Share your thoughts with us! Use the comments below!

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