Anthem: Changes/ Updates shall be transparent for the community

Anthem: Changes/ Updates shall be transparent for the community

According to BioWare, Anthem players should always be notified of any pending changes and adjustments before they go live. Hidden changes should not be feared by the players.

The fact that online games in particular, such as Anthem, are regularly provided with updates is nothing special. However, not all developers always reveal all the details that are changed with the updates. Sometimes developers want to find out how players react to certain changes or even notice them.

In Anthem, however, players should not expect such experiments. After a Reddit user asked if BioWare wanted to make a variety of hidden changes to the title, lead producer Ben Irving said that BioWare would never intentionally make covert adjustments to “Anthem.” Instead, you want to make all changes transparent to the players.


Anthem: absolutely transparent to the players

“It is our goal to continue to be transparent. We will never intentionally make hidden changes. While we get our patchnot process ready for launch, we may miss something, but we’ll try everything to keep it from happening. But we hope that in case of doubt you will vote in favor of the defendant if something goes live before informing the community. “

Do you care about getting notified before changes go live? What are your thoughts about this policy? Use the comments below!

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