Anthem: Error in balancing system

Anthem: Error in balancing system

The players have found in Anthem another error that basically undermines the balancing system of the co-op shooter. It seems that the Level 1 launch weapon is more efficient than a Level 45 master weapon, though the Endgame weapon does a lot more damage, at least in numbers.

Anthem: Starting weapon stronger than Endgame weapon

Since Anthem is a loot shooter, much of the motivation is to keep on playing to ultimately find better and better weapons and equipment to speed enemies up. However, this does not seem to be necessary in the currently flawed version of Anthem.

Some players wanted to see how much stronger their Endgame weapons are compared to the launching weapons. It turned out that the Endgame weapons cause a seemingly greater damage. Nevertheless, the launching weapons require fewer shots to kill the enemy.

The discovery was shared by YeetLordSupreme on Reddit. He has made a comparison in which he tests one of his Level 45 masterpiece weapons and the launching weapon on a simple Scar soldier. While the Endgame weapon deals 1180 damage per hit, the Level 1 weapon deals only 286 damage. Still, the Endgame weapon takes six shots to kill the simple opponent, while the starting weapon only needs four hits.

Other players have already confirmed this finding on Reddit. And some BioWare developers have also clicked into the thread and confirmed that there is a mistake in this regard. Technical Design Director Brenon Holmes said on Reddit that it is a bug in the balancing system that is used to let players play different levels in co-op.

“We have to investigate this. Scaling systems are designed to allow low-level players to play with high-level players against high-level enemies. This is not the intention, something is wrong. “

According to community manager Andrew Johnson, this may be a bug with the standard weapon, combined with other higher-level equipment. He explained:

“I have confirmed with the team that this is actually an error that arises specifically with a combination of the standard higher-end equipment loadout. It does not work as intended and the team is working on an upcoming correction. “

It is therefore apparently a glitch, which will be fixed in the next time with an update. However, this is another error that is added to the already reported since the launch error. Especially hard to bother PS4 players who can be hit by complete crashes.

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