Anthem: In the full version you can sprint in Fort Tarsis

Anthem: In the full version you can sprint in Fort Tarsis

The responsible developers of BioWare have confirmed that players can sprint in the full version of “Anthem” in Fort Tarsis. The function should be brought into play with an update.

Last weekend, pre-orderers were able to play the VIP demo of the sci-fi role-playing game “Anthem“, which will be released in just a few weeks, and get an idea of ​​the gameplay, missions, history, and server stability. Among other things, you could also explore Fort Tarsis. In this base, players can meet different characters, find stores and do more.

However, the movement in the fortress is very sluggish, which bothered many players sour. Meanwhile, BioWare has announced that they can run to the launch of the RPG in Fort Tarsis.

In an interview with GamesRadar, Executive Producer Mark Darrah emphasized that you wanted to make players feel a little weaker, so that the strong difference to the Javelin comes to its best advantage.

“We want it to feel like walking. If you look at most video games, you sprint everywhere and we gave you a jet pack machine when you are in the world. We really wanted it to feel like you were just a person walking around, and then you are that person in Iron Man armor. “

BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson further emphasized that, for some reason, the race was no longer included in a build of the VIP demo. In the full version, however, the sprint function should return.

“Anthem” will be released on February 22, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. From 1 to 3 February 2019, all interested players can play a public demo.

Folks, what do you say? Are you looking forward to sprint? Use the comment function below!

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