Anthem – News: Skill tree will be discarded

Anthem – News: Skill tree will be discarded

Some players are disappointed because the latest news say there wont be a skill tree for the pilots.

In June 2018 it was announced that there wont be skill trees for the Javelins available but for the pilots that control the Javelin. It was said that you will gain experience points to improve your abilities and learn new skills.

No more skill trees in Anthem

A reddit-user contacted a BioWare Dev after rumors came up that the talent trees have been canceled.BioWare employees confirmed that they chose a different system and that the pilots will no longer have any skills in the final game.

Whats the new feature instead of the talent trees for the pilots?

That’s the feature: According to BioWare, who love skills and talent trees, but in the game, the planned system was not as impressive and engaging as you had hoped.

The developers have taken this as an opportunity to revise the components for the Javelins. This should quench the hunger for growth and various statistics for Javelin builds and abilities.

But they also said that they maybe will have a look at the talent trees for pilots in the future.

The crowd of players is split into two groups. One is excited and looks forward to experience the new system. The other one seems to be disappointed that there will not be a talent tree for the pilots in the final game. They said that the game will loose an important RPG-factor.

Whats your opinion on that? Will you miss the talent tree system? Or do you think it will be more interesting to collect components for the Javelins? Use the comments below to share your thoughts with us!

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  1. Thomas Ward February 7, 2019 | Reply

    I think both are important to the feel of a character. I like the Firefall-esque approach to leveling each individual javelin and using modules and gear, although I wish there was more to the weapons themselves as firefall had modules that changed damage types, rate of fire, aoe etc. but I also think its important to character identity to give some progression to the pilot themselves. I think there should be pilot trees that allow you to sort of make story for your character focusing om something like military, science, engineering, medical, or exploration with each giving bonuses in those fields and further giving players specialties and important identities in the game.

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