Apex Legends: Patch 1.03 issues on the Xbox leads to crash

Apex Legends: Patch 1.03 issues on the Xbox leads to crash

After releasing Apex Legends Patch 1.03 yesterday, some players are reporting problems with the Xbox One. In some cases, the problems also seem to cause the console to crash. What causes the crashes on the Xbox One in Apex?


Xbox One bug in Apex Legends

The following bugs have already been detected by the developers:

  • Gibraltar’s Daemon Hunter and Neural Net skins that are causing crashes on Xbox One.
  • There are problems with Caustic and Mirage, which can not be played after unlocking on Xbox One.


At the moment there is no solution to these problems! The responsible people have commented on the problems, they are investigating these incidents and will publish a new update as soon as possible.

Whether it becomes a pure server update or if the problems are so enormous that Apex Legends Patch 1.04 has to be released is currently unknown.

We’re sure the bugs will be fixed soon, the game is a complete success, and if it stays that way, the developers have to react quickly.

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Moskito NL February 14, 2019 | Reply

    Yes had this problem won a game but game chrashed and win achievement didn’t unlock

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