Apex Legends: Respawn Entertainment made first improvements

Apex Legends: Respawn Entertainment made first improvements

As the developers of Respawn Entertainment announced, the successfully launched Battle Royal shooter Apex Legends got its first improvements in the last hours. It is also promised that future updates will focus on player feedback.

Player feedback gets into focus regarding the Apex Legends improvements

To the surprise of many published Electronic Arts and the “Titanfall” makers of Respawn Entertainment this week, the Battle Royal shooter Apex Legends.

Apex Legend was launched in the form of a Free2Play title and quickly made it clear that in addition to heavyweights such as “PUBG” or “Fortnite” there is still room for another successful Battle Royal shooter. So after 72 hours, the mark of ten million players was reached. As Respawn Entertainment announced, the first improvements were made before the weekend.

Feedback from the players is taken into account

According to their own statements, the developers recently followed, among other things, the general performance of “Apex Legends” and also reduced the occasional disconnections, which had to fight players. In addition, various errors were eliminated from the world.

Firstly, the so-called “coins” can now be viewed as being on Xbox One, after the purchase of the “coins”. So what’s the bug that caused Origin to show all your friends as offline. The improvements have been made by a look at the official changelog that can be found here.

Finally, the developers point out that they are closed. To help keep players in good spirits for the long-term, Respawn Entertainment wants to take the community back to heart.

What do you think about the improvements? Should others also focus on the players feedback more often? Use the comments below!

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