Apex Legends Season 2 – Launch Time, Trailer and Patch Notes

Apex Legends Season 2 – Launch Time, Trailer and Patch Notes

Tomorrow, July 2, Apex Legends will launch the second season for PC, PS4 and the Xbox One. We have all the information for you, the new Battle Pass, launch time and upcoming patch 1.13.

At what time does Season 2 begin? The official start of Season 2 of Apex Legends is the 2nd of July 2019, around 10:00 PST the update will go live. It is to be expected that Client Patch 1.13 (PS4) has to be downloaded.


Apex Legends Season 2 Trailer


Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 2

With the new Season 2 Battle Pass, there will be no more boring rewards, instead, more skins and rewards are introduced which are desirable. In addition, there should be challenges in Season 2, through which you can ascend faster in the level.

New Skins: The exact details of the new skins have not been fully revealed yet. We show you previously introduced sinks:

  • Legendary Spitfire Skin „Intimidator“
  • Legendary R-301 Skin „The Iron Rampage“
  • Legendary Caustic Skin „Prince of Darkness“
  • Legendary Octane Skin „Jade Tiger“


Features of Season 2

There will be at least one new legend, the electric lady Wattson. This new legend in Apex has been officially confirmed, Wattson will be a defensive legend with stationary skills. Here are the skills at a glance:

  • Perimeter Security (tactical): Connect nodes to create electrified fences that damage and slow enemies.
  • Interception Pylon (Ultimate): Place an electrified pylon that destroys incoming ordnance and repairs damaged shields as long as it stands.
  • Spark of Genius (passive): Ultimate Accelerants fully charge your Ultimate Ability, and standing near interception pylons boosts your Tactical Ability recharge.


Of course there are a lot more features and improvements with Season 2, among others there will be some changes in the King’s Canyon and the new weapon L-Star is added. We’ll give you all the details tomorrow as they’re released.


Apex Update Patch Notes 1.13

With the amount of new content and features, it is expected that all players will have to download a client patch. Depending on the system, the version number will differ, for PS4 the next patch will be version 1.13. Apex Legends Client Patch 1.13 on July 2 has not yet been confirmed, we will provide you with the official patch notes as soon as they are released.

Update July 2: It has since been confirmed that a big client patch will be released, XBox One and PS4 players need to download around 20GB, PC players are around 18GB.

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