Ark Survival Evolved Patch Notes 2.06 – New Update on November 5

Ark Survival Evolved Patch Notes 2.06 – New Update on November 5

The developers of “Ark Survival Evolved” have released an update today, we have all the info about this patch on November 5.

Ark Survival Evolved Patch 2.06 was released for the PS4, as well as for PC and Xbox One. According to our information, you need to download and install around 22GB. The size of the download is already heavy compared to the patch notes


Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.06 Patch Notes

  • PS4: 541.2
  • Xbox One: 792.2
  • PC: 300.6


  • Added HLN-A Explorer Notes 6-10 for Genesis Chronicles
  • Added Corrupted Avatar boots and pants for Genesis Chronicles
  • Fixed issue with DodoRex/DodoWyvern not despawning in daylight for Fear Evolved
  • Fixed issues with moon visibility for Fear Evolved
  • Fixed Deinonychus spawning issues stemming from Fear Evolved


While there is not much in terms of content here, the Ark Evolved fixes listed above have plagued ARK players on the console in recent weeks. Due to the huge file size of the PS4 and Xbox updates, many adjustments seem to be needed to fix the bugs.

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  1. Alex November 5, 2019 | Reply

    There’s a really big problem here on my sever the taming was normally set to x10 exp and 35x breeding its was taking 5 min between each imprints now its take only 3 second to put imprint at 100% and a lot of other pobleme of that kind

  2. Jurassic Derp November 5, 2019 | Reply

    Wtf is a dino gate blue screen? I have never had an issue like that.

  3. Fix old before adding new November 5, 2019 | Reply

    Ya u got alot of issues then fear evolves stuff patch that up with ur 26g of bull cant even play to fix something that isnt going to b lasting much longer…

  4. Cake November 5, 2019 | Reply

    The skeleton carnos there is a glitch if I fight it with a bird it will glitch the bird in the carnos rib cage and get stuck and the birds get killed every time. Can u fix that.

    • Arkannoying November 5, 2019 | Reply

      Why the f can they not just fix the Dino gate blue screens like seriously wtf and this update 26 g just for this bs

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